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A Berlin studio of design specialists aimed at helping people create a harmonious space for life, functional and aesthetic in every detail.

Founded in 2017 by British-born Maya Ceirjc, Cosi Haus is an interior design and architecture studio made up of a creative team from a range of different backgrounds who work together to develop individual projects tailored to the needs and styles of each client.

The taste for bold materials such as wood and steel, natural high-quality textiles and the use of natural light, as well as designing unique pieces of furniture that give each project a personal touch, are some of the key elements that define the studio’s contemporary, warm and timeless style.

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Personal touch

Personal touch

Every design is created by Maya and she will oversee the whole process, while always considering your needs and living arrangements.

From conception to delivery, every project is completed with a very personal touch the whole way through.

We believe that the designer should become a friend as well as adviser and guide for the customer. This way, we can create a personalized design that projects a person's way of life.

Take a look at our projects, learn more about us, or if you’d like to know more simply fill out the form below. 

“I am lost for words. The transformation of our home is stunning.“

AgnesResident of 'White Space'

“We are thrilled with how Maya and her team lovingly delivered our beautiful home. Our bespoke furniture pieces are always a talking point among visitors!“

HannahResident of 'Müller'